G Suite Integration

With reliable and productive features, G Suite apps help your team stay organized and collaborate anytime. CNT customizes, deploys and provides the support needed, to make the most out of these apps.

G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that provides the tools and accessibility options that employees need, and business leaders prefer. Use Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and many more modules to App-ify your work.

  • Gmail - Run your business, not your email server. Gmail for business offers 30 GB of storage per user, powerful spam filtering, BlackBerry and Outlook interoperability, with a 99.9% uptime SLA.
  • Calendar - A web-based calendar application to quickly schedule meetings, share calendars, and add video calls to your meeting. Increases employee efficiency and reduces IT infrastructure costs.
  • Drive - Easily store, sync, and share your documents, spreadsheets and presentations from a centralized, always accessible online file storage. Drive provides 30GB of storage, versatile sharing controls, and the ability to view over 40 files types without additional software.
  • Hangout - Quickly and easily setup video calls with colleagues and clients. Start or join private Hangouts, or go public with a Hangout on Air. Integrates with Google Calendar to send reminders.
  • Google+ - Google+ for Business is a social media network for your enterprise. Socialize, share work-related tips and be part of an interesting community of entrepreneurs, employees and young aspirants. Works with all G Suite apps.
  • Vault - Vault allows archives and E-discovery for G Suite. Company email and chat messages can be archived and retained according to customized policies, preventing accidental deletions. Vault also helps you stay prepared for litigation & compliance audits.

The Only E-mail Client You'll Ever Need

Feature rich, reliable and cost efficient - Gmail for Work provides you the functionality you need and creates a professional outlook for your business.

Business e-mail based on your domain

A business e-mail (xyz@companyname.com) builds trust and credibility for your organization

Send and receive e-mails on the go

E-mailing has never been this easy! With mobile apps, you can work anywhere, anytime. Create drafts and read messages with offline functionality.

Stay in touch

Collaboration is the key to success. Gmail allows you to connect with voice and video calls. With built-in hangouts app, you can call a client's phone, converse with a colleague or attend meetings from your inbox.

Get 30GB of storage space, assured 99.9% uptime SLA and it works with other e-mail clients. Got more questions on how Gmail could help your business? Talk to us now!


Manage schedules for the entire team

GSuite Calendar is made to work for an entire team so that their schedule syncs with one another. Easy-to-use interface allows you to schedule meetings, send automatic notifications and add documents to calendar appointments.

Meeting schedules made smarter

Meeting schedules often collide with one another. Calendar allows you to share your schedule and view other's before scheduling a meeting

Customization at its best

You can view or edit confirmed appointments on any device - be it a desktop, laptop or smartphone. It's possible to add new events, invite guests for a meeting and you can even choose to receive SMS notification for upcoming meetings

It's all online

The meetings, events and the entire calendar is synced on the cloud. Allows your employees to work with each other and avoids the hassles of scheduling offline appointments that are difficult to keep track of.


Store & share at your convenience

No more attachments. Share documents, spreadsheets and presentations with your team. They could view it on any device, any time.

Simplified storage

Be it big or small, Google Drive can store it all for you. Offline accessibility and multi-platform support allows you to access files on desktop, phones anytime

Real-time collaboration

Work with team members simultaneously on the same document. View docs and sheets in real-time, chat and comment as you work together to bring ideas to life

Share it

With Drive, you can choose to share files and folders with a specific group, your teammates, clients or an individual. Privacy features give you complete control over your data


Personalized conversations made easy

With Hangout, conversations get more personal be it with a client or a customer, you are always either face-to-face in a video call or on a voice call that conveys your message in a better way

Setup video meetings with your team

Working with teammates is easier with hangout. It supports HD video calling with upto 25 members. The feature lets you talk to your entire team, wherever they are.

Works across all devices

A seamless video and voice calling experience is delivered across all platforms - team members can join a group chat from a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet

Share your screen to collaborate better

It's easy to share your display on the Hangout interface and you can also share links. Demonstrate presentations, do product walkthroughs and discuss financial charts all in the same interface


Made for meaningful networking

The Google+ social networking platform allows you to share meaningful articles with an entire organization or a team. With helpful communities and insightful users, it's a hub for all things professional.

Get insights and discuss opinions

Google+ has a niche audience where you and your team can share insights. Engage in meaningful discussions and arrive at solutions that could work.

Works with GSuite tools

Integrated with Gmail, calendar and documents. You can post surveys to know what your audience think and receive notifications in your inbox.

Interactive conversations with photos and videos

Conversations on Google+ are lively with audio, video and photo. Create polls, share links, discuss and deliver relevant content to your followers.


Archive important files

Vault supports e-discovery and allows you to archive important business documentation. Compliance audits and litigations are easier to manage with this powerful archive solution.

Archive email and chat messages

Avoid accidental deletions and archive your email, chat so that you can retrieve them anytime.


A powerful search tool that allows you to find email, chat exchanges your teammates shared in the past.

Keep track of user activity

The Vault allows you to search, view messages and export them as a detailed report to monitor user activity.

Privacy control

You can define organizational policies, set privacy rules and keep track of how employees use their business account. Be prepared to handle litigations and keep confidential organizational data safe.

Cloudnow Client's Portal

Through CNT’s proprietary CCP, we deliver solutions that integrate with G Suite APIs to deliver meaningful information within a Dashboard Experience.

CCP’s Features -

  • User Management - Easily Add and Remove users to your console without calling or emailing your reseller.
  • Billing - View all billing related information from the last released payment to pending invoices. You can even make a payment through CCP.
  • Help Desk Tickets - Get a snapshot view of all company related issues that have been raised and resolved. Get important metrics like response time and resolution time for all raised tickets.
  • Data Usage Statistics - A graphical representation of the applications and products your user base is utilizing. This gives you the ability to measure operational efficiency across the company.
  • Newsletters and other relevant information - CCP hosts all relevant information about the various features of G Suite in one-easy to access place and creates implementation and change management plans to implement the same when necessary.

Google App Script

CNT has built various Google Apps Scripts to enhance the G Suite experience. Since client needs vary, we also build Custom Apps Scripts to answer the specific needs of our clients.

Google Apps Script allows you to easily automate tasks with Google Apps and other third-party services. Google Apps built on Google Apps Script eliminates the need to deploy applications across your infrastructure and eliminates the need to host a client server as well.

With the ability to create instant, lightweight apps using a browser-based code editor, there’s no need to install any scripts or to host a client server as everything is integrated through Google App Engine and Google Apps Script. CloudNow helps you to create custom add-ons for Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Forms with these Scripts.

With Apps Script, CloudNow utilizes the power of Google APIs to build apps that help you collaborate easily and work with your team in a seamlessly integrated environment.

Google Cloud Platform

We bring you the power of compute engine, app engine and BigQuery on Google Cloud Platform. Experience world-class cloud services and convenience at affordable rates.

With Google Cloud platform, your business can make use of the powerful infrastructure, data analytics and machine computing power Google offers. Designed for enterprises, it's encrypted, secure and customizable that could be optimized to meet your specific needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Compute Engine - Setup your virtual machine on Google's infrastructure. Get outstanding performance and security within your budget with custom VMs.
  • App Engine - Build a scalable web or mobile app without the need to health check or balance load. The servers automatically carry out the load balancing for you. All you have to do is upload the code and run it.
  • Cloud Storage - Allows developers and enterprises to store static files easily. It includes features like data analytics, data archival and live data serving.
  • BigQuery - Analyze petabytes of enterprise data with SQL and tweak your business strategies. Supports real time data analysis in a secure environment that can process Big Data in minutes.

Google Chrome for work

Google Chrome Devices are new age computers, designed to simplify everyday tasks. Always up to date with the latest features and security fixes, Chrome OS starts fast and stays fast.

    Chromebook/ ChromeBox

  • Fast - Chromebooks are distinguished by their speed! They are fast with state-of-the-art hardware, uses cloud-based plugins and are highly responsive.
  • Works with Web & Windows apps - Perfect for powering business web applications--from Google Apps to Salesforce to your organization's custom web applications. Access virtualized Windows apps through services like Chrome RDP, Citrix, or VMware.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) - Works with your existing SAML enterprise identity provider to offer a secure, single sign-on experience.
  • One Stop Management - Configurable automatic updates save time. Manage users, apps and devices with a centralized Chrome management system.

    Chrome for Meetings

  • Meetings Made Easy - Invite teammates or clients with an easy-to-share link. Create meetings in minutes and manage it with Chrome management system.
  • Works with other VC systems - Integrates with Blue Jeans, Intercall, UberConference and Vidyo to work with existing phone and video conferencing systems.
  • Integrates with Google Apps - Automatically create and join meetings directly from Google Calendar. Works on all devices.
  • Instant sharing - Share your screen or presentation without clunky cords. Just type g.co/present on your browser to share it.

    Chrome for Kiosks

  • Powerful and Purposeful - Configure your Chrome device in Kiosk mode to turn it into a dedicated single use device to meet specific needs.
  • Built for Sharing - Chrome devices are perfect for sharing. Turn on 'Managed session' in Kiosk mode to allow guests to securely browse the internet.
  • Less Hassle, More Savings - Chrome devices have built-in internet security software and automatic updates - making them easy to manage, deploy and scale.

    Chrome for Signage

  • Easy to Manage - Configure, monitor and remotely troubleshoot all of your devices from a primary console.
  • Secured Solutions - Automatic security updates and encryption keeps your Chrome devices secure. Choose from a wide array of apps, devices and peripherals to fit your signage needs.
  • Reliable & Affordable - Chrome devices are designed to run non-stop. They are built on simple, redundant architecture and runs on affordable hardware.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

CNT specialises in deploying Android for Work. They can set-up dedicated Work Profile with built-in security, management and application support. Android for Work can be deployed on devices powered by Lollipop & above and there’s a downloadable app for other OS versions as well. Android for Work makes your favourite smartphone or tablet the perfect business tool.

Some of the Features are -

  • Control Data and Privacy - Remote wipe in case of loss/theft and privacy for personal data puts you in control of your corporate data at all times.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Implementing a BYOD policy couldn’t be easier as ‘Android for Work’ is compatible with most low-cost smart devices.
  • Separate Work and Personal Apps - Work app badges help segregate office apps from personal applications. This also may be restricted depending on third-party application policy set by the company.
  • Simplified Data Security - Get data security, data proliferation and data recovery, all-in-one.
  • Use Built-in Business Apps - Google’s suite of productivity apps comes pre-installed and makes getting to work a whole lot easier.

Data Integration

We Combine all your business data, no matter the type–corporate data, weblogs, customer data, and more into a single container creating symmetric data sets and structures.

Artificial Intelligence

We use Machine Language to create interfaces that are powered by AI and which allows easy segregation of data into specific datasets.


Our abilities extend to providing detailed analytics on datasets and data clusters by organising your data pipeline. With automation tools we are able to create analytics-ready data. By speeding up data ingest we are able to realise faster value from a company’s data lakes.


We provide actionable dashboards! This gives the management at any level bird’s eye view of all the important metrics that matter to their departments. A drill down simple and intuitive user interface makes our technology easy-to-use and adaptable to any environment.


Our ability to collate data into meaningful clusters that can be accessed through an enhanced UX environment allows and facilitates quick decision-making ability. We also run predictive models that help automate certain workflows and help highlight critical exigencies while the algorithm takes care of the rest.


  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Migration
  • Data Replication
  • Data Uniformity
  • Capability of Multiple System Integration
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Languages
  • Building Prediction Capability
  • Compatibility of Integrating Third party BI Tools
  • Dashboard integration with any back-end

CNT has proven expertise and experience in delivering stable, scalable and high-usability applications with robust design and architecture. Governed by stringent quality control frameworks and best practice approach, CNT offers predictable solutions to everyday operational problems.

CNT’s scalable applications and products are designed with a User-Centric approach by using the latest front-end frameworks and technologies (Bootstrap 4, webGL, ThreeJS) with MEAN and full-stack Java to back it up! Leveraging innovations in Cloud, CNT also has expertise in BI Analytics, and Actionable Dashboard Reporting.

Application Development expertise

Application Development expertise include –

  • Product Engineering & Agile Product Development
  • Web Technology Solutions - Web Applications, Portals & CMS and eCommerce Applications
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions - Cross Platform Mobile Application Development, Native App Development for Android, iOS and Windows
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions - Cross Platform Mobile Application Development, Native App Development for Android, iOS and Windows
  • Application Development for Devices and Platforms

Turnkey Project Engagement

CNT will support your business end-to-end, right from System & Feasibility Study, Requirement Gathering & Analysis to Design, Development, Change Management, Testing, Integration and Deployment support taking complete, turnkey responsibility of the application development project.

Managed Offshore Delivery

In this model, we help customers set-up an external competence of a self-managed project team that seamlessly integrates and acts as a classic extension to customer's onsite product development and support teams. The entire team set-up by CNT can be client-managed or CNT-managed; the teams can be delivered onsite, offshore or dual shore.